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About the PhotoCollage, as a concept...

The CelebrityCollages.Com logo tagline on the home page says it all: The unique blending of multiple photos, creating a work of sublime art and visual impact... The ellipsis lets you know that the definition is incomplete. As the ubiquitous television commercials say, "But wait...there's more!" Is it art? You'll be the judge.

The PhotoCollage is a rather simple concept: the impact of multiple photos creatively collaged to form a whole that is greater than the sum of its individual parts. A Photographic Gestalt, if you will. A special work of art for your monitor or for any other use you can imagine. Sure, you've seen other collages made of photos before...but the creations you find at CelebrityCollages.Com are unique because each PhotoCollage flows from the creative energies and background understandings of the individual, the unique individual that created them. Before I create them, these PhotoCollages exists as random single elements waiting to become something more...something focused...something grander than they could ever become alone.

One photo is worth a thousand words. One PhotoCollage is worth an entire visual experience that may range from a short story to a novella to a complete set of encyclopedia (don't believe me? Take a careful look at my Country Songbirds Theme PhotoCollage.)

Explore and understand. Always look deeper than a surface view. Look for the why behind image positions and image selection. The PhotoCollage, as art, is much more than it seems and only as much as you will allow.

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