A PhotoCollage Gallery by ELISE
A CelebrityCollages.Com Guest Artist
Special Gallery Update on 9.26.03

1024aragorn 1024ben 1024claudia 1024DEPP 1024heath
Viggo Mortensen, as Aragorn (Lord of the Rings) Ben Browder, Farscape's Crichton Claudia Black, Farscape's Aeryn Sun Johnny Depp, black and white on fire Heath Ledger, my first Photoshop wallpaper
1024kane 1024sparrow 1024turner columbia_wall deppcolor
Christian Kane, one of Angel's bad boys Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean William Turner, Pirates of the Caribbean Space shuttle Columbia Johnny Depp, color my world
drewb2 jeff_probst johnaeryn mexico neo
Drew Barrymore, drew drops Jeff Probst, Survivor Farscape's John and Aeryn, lips and tongue Once Upon a Time Neo, Matrix Reloaded
ritter1 ritter2 spongebob WITCH1 WITCH2
John Ritter, words fail me John Ritter, instrument of happiness SpongeBob Witchblade, squares1 Witchblade 2, Yancy Butler