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Monthly Celebrity Poll...

Swap your WALLPAPER daily. If you haven't gotten a custom PhotoCollage, feel free to enjoy one of thecatoman's special Celebrity Collages...Don't see your favorite? If you're a VIP member, just ask. If not, get all your friends to stuff the ballot box in your favor!

Well, the SITE is still quite popular (as detemined by my bandwidth charges...whew!). Many of you are downloading WALLPAPERS every day. VIPs are asking and receiving special collages. What fun.

I've updated the POLL and plan to use it to find out how you feel about all sorts of subject matter, but mostly what type of collages are your favorites. You'd be surprised what some of your VIP members are asking for. Check back, make your thoughts known. And, HEY...Donate to keep all this stuff FREE!!!

OK, Time to vote, as of JUNE 1, 2007, I plan to change the poll EACH MONTH!...

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